Before they were Mongrels...


After having graduated in 2007,  EJP was sure of only three things:
- She never wanted to ask anyone to work for her, but to work with her.

- The projects she wanted to realise far exceeded the efforts of one person.

- Connecting with people of similar values is integral to her practice and sanity!


Initially her deep rooted drive to form a collective ethos out weighed her understanding of branding when in 2009 she formed Black Swan Dance Theatre as a vehicle for her company vision.  

Inspired by the scientific theory and with no intended ballet reference the name still surmises EJPs key artistic aim today:



The production of high impact and hard to predict events


beyond the realm of normal expectation which play a dominant


                                                                                                                                role in changing the course of everyday thought.


However in light of 'that' movie and EJPs growing range of influences the name stopped making sense and so in 2012 she united her practice under the brand Emma Jayne Park Dance Theatre in the knowledge that she would one day re-brand appropriately.

That day came in 2013 during a Cultural Enterprise Office supported mentoring session with Sandy Thomson (Poorboy)

where EJP unknowingly described herself as 


"a bit of a movement 'mongrel' who wants to get inside you and do good stuff.... like yoghurt, 'cultured'!"