Photo by Doug Dougan
Photo by Doug Dougan





An informal regular meeting for practitioners working

 with dance and movement in Scotland to meet, eat,

connect and affect relevant change in the sector.



Let's keep it simple!!

Photo by See Imagine Define
Photo by See Imagine Define




A Review of Touring Theatre and Dance in Scotland: Report Read Through

An evening of food and conversation.

Wednesday 14th June

6.00pm – 7.45pm

The Work Room, Glasgow*                      

Want to host a meeting in your area? 



*Please note that travel bursaries are not available for this meeting.


“There appears to be unresolved tensions between programmers who believe there is an over- supply of dance, which,                        in their view, can be of low quality and which the market cannot support and dance-makers who believe their                                    work is being de-prioritised by some programmers.”

-       A Review of Touring Theatre and Dance in Scotland: Final Report 2017


Dance artists are invited to meet informally to read through and discuss Creative Scotland’s Review of Touring Theatre and Dance in Scotland.  The session will aim to generate a collective response to the research which can be presented at the Federation of Scottish Theatre’s Members Meeting the following week, ensuring the voice of independent artists is present in the conversation.


Research Documents are available to download below.


The group will have full use of The Work Room kitchen and artists are invited to bring a ‘potluck’ dish to share as a way to fuel the conversation.

The session will be facilitated by Emma Jayne Park from Cultured Mongrel who will also collate the minutes and distribute findings to the group.



If you have any questions or would like to attend please contact


The session is open to anyone who identifies as an independent dance artist. 

You do not have to be a Work Room or FST member to participate.


Review Of Touring Theatre and Dance Final Report
Adobe Acrobat Document 380.6 KB
Data Analysis of Creative Scotland Funded Touring 2012-16
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB
Industry Survey of Producers and Promoters
Adobe Acrobat Document 929.9 KB
Qualitative Research Into Touring Theatre and Dance in Scotland
Adobe Acrobat Document 283.2 KB
Literature and Practice Review
Adobe Acrobat Document 178.8 KB




For those who consider themselves to be working with dance or movement in a professional context within Scotland: particularly those who make and tour work, research creative process and those who use their professional practice to effect social change.  Including but not limited to dancers, artists, independent producers, musicians, facilitators and critics.




Exactly what is says it is! An opportunity to get 'face to face' with other practitioners.  A limited agenda will be set but individuals will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and propose the direction of the discussion.  Meetings will not have a targeted outcome but may act as an opportunity to identify actions that could be taken to develop the sector and ensure the voice of independent artists is heard nationwide.  Sessions can also just be about having the chance to catch up with peers.


Meetings will be scheduled around a performance/ sharing/ workshop/ event from an independent Scottish artist which the network members can choose to attend; further supporting the overall ecology of dance in Scotland and creating greater opportunity to engage with the work of others.




A different location every meeting ensuring equal access across Scotland.  Any artist can offer to host a meeting in their locality and will be supported to do so to encourage the development of nationwide connections. Travel bursaries will be provided to help tackle the consideration of cost for independent artists and small-scale companies.




Quarterly when possible: dates to be confirmed throughout 2017.




It's nice to see each other! 

The most interesting conversations aren't forced upon us but unfold through creating space for dialogue.  

Artists connecting better connects the diverse and brilliant Scottish sector.

Food is a natural gathering point.



CULTURED MONGREL:  As an initiative started by Cultured Mongrel, the company is dedicated to securing funds for travel bursaries, performance tickets and refreshments whilst supporting the basic administration and publicity of the meeting.

However, the hosting artist will make specific meeting decisions and all actions taken will be by decision of the network, within the remit of Face To Face.  We are eager to hear from all artists interested in supporting the network.


With initial research and meetings being supported by Unltd's Spark Awards we are delighted to announce that there are travel bursaries in place for individuals living more than 30 miles from any Face to Face meeting.  Should the cost of travel be a key factor in not attending Face to Face please email, outlining your costs.  We would ask people to consider car share and cost effective methods of travel to ensure as many practitioners as possible can benefit from the support on offer.  Costs will be reimbursed at the meeting itself, in cash or cheque if preferred.



Face to Face is not looking to replace or compete with any of the other great opportunities for connection already on offer across Scotland but to connect practitioners informally nationwide.  Please check out the great networks and agencies below, if your network is not listed please get in touch.  If you would like to host Face to Face in conjunction with one of your events please email or come along to a meeting and let us know!