Cultured Mongrel believe that everyone has the right to dance, regardless of their circumstances.  
Our participation programmes are designed with and for the people they serve, adapting to the specific needs

of those who access them through ongoing discussion and feedback.


We recognise the spectrum of activity that can fall under the umbrella of dance and as such not all

of our programmes have a focus on performance or undertaking a typical class. Instead they use

movement to explore other practices such as still image, videography and connecting communities. As such,

we frequently collaborate with other practitioners when delivering work.



Cultured Mongrel can also offer tailored workshops, masterclasses and extended residencies incorporating

contemporary dance, hip hop styles, creative work and the development of new material.

We have previously delivered work for great organisations and programmes such as Y Dance Connections,

Midlothian Youth Dance Company, Performing Arts Studio Scotland and Youth Theatre Arts Scotland.


Photo by Emma Jayne Park
Photo by Emma Jayne Park




 Having established a weekly walking group in partnership with mental health services, Cultured Mongrel 'hijack' the group once per month and use the practice of walking to explore different ways of moving outside.  This is then transferred to a studio setting where walking acts as a start point for dance.


The Getting Outside Feels Good Project.



Photo by Emma Jayne Park
Photo by Emma Jayne Park




An ongoing exploration of how we can most effectively contribute to and be accepted as part of a community without being a permanent resident.

This practice is being explored in several areas across Scotland with the methods of participation varying, dependent on what each community requests.


The Anti-Parachute Project.