Inspired by the spirit and ambition of the Suspended Coffee movement we believe that everyone has the right to engage with cultural opportunities, regardless of their circumstances.  In Spring 2015 we
launched our suspended ticket campaign in the hope of ensuring dance and theatre work is available to people from all walks of life.  Long term we hope to inspires theatre companies, organisations and festivals to engage with the programme launching a nationwide initiative.  Suspended Tickets will run throughout the year offering individuals from both rural and urban communities the opportunity to connect with performance work and workshops by both us and others.

Articles / Resources: Foundation for Community Dance

Buy a Suspended Ticket?

The benefits of attending live performance are immeasurable but through purchasing a suspended ticket you are offering someone much more than a dance experience.  It can provide a necessary means of escapism, access to a new community and give people a new method of supporting their mental health and well being.  As a theatre-goer or dance lover why not 'pay it forward' and share this experience with someone who may not be able to access it otherwise.

Starting from £6 you can presently purchase a ticket through contacting us at            Every donation helps and each package comes with a variety of rewards.

Need a Suspended Ticket?

Sometimes getting to live performance just isn't affordable.  If you want to go to the theatre and are not in a financial position that allows you to do so please just send us an email to  detailing which performance you would like to attend, where it is and what the performance date/ time.  We will reserve a ticket in your name and leave it at the box office for you.

We don't want to know your circumstances as we trust that people would not take advantage of our honest intentions and the generosity of those paying it forward.  Please encourage anyone you know who may benefit from a Suspended Ticket to get in touch

Artists or Organisations wanting to get involved?

Are you currently an independent organisation touring work aimed at audiences who may not be in a position to support the cost?

Are you an organisation who would be interested in launching their own 'Pay It Forward' scheme?

Through connecting forces we believe we can share best practice resources, vital information and connect more people who need arts access than we can alone.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and we will do our best to support in any way we can.