Dedicated to creating equal access to dance in rural and urban areas all of the works below have toured extensively to venues ranging from villages

halls in the Outer Hebrides to featuring in the main programme at Dance Base during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  
Each work creates a full evenings programme and is combined with a post show discussion where requested.

Furthermore, works tour with a range of education and participation packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of specific groups.


Cultured Mongrel tour annually as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.


If you are interested in our touring repertoire please contact




Present: ‘Here Before Now 

Images by Culture Mongrel..


Choreography and Direction:  Emma Jayne Park

Sound Design:  Nik Paget-Tomlinson
Creative Mentorship: Charlotte Vincent



Commissioned by 2Faced Dance Company and The BENCH as part of The OUTLANDS Tour 2017


We’ve all ‘been here before’.   With hindsight it is easy to see how history has repeated itself but what happens when life throws you a curve ball of meteoric proportion? Exploring grief, change and our relationship with home, Here Before Now combines movement and text with live music from composer Nik Paget-Thomlinson.



Here Before Now is the first stage in developing Quality driven, intimate home-based performances which consider the specific needs of people who are house bound for medical reasons.  Working in partnership with The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, these short works will engage with a variety of themes and art forms to offer those who cannot attend the theatre the same privilege as our visiting audiences.



Development has been supported by Dance Base,

Dance X Change, The Work Room

and Platform (Glasgow).



Cast 2, plus BSL Interpretation.

Duration approximately 23 minutes.

Developed for Small to Mid-Scale Theatres.







2016/17: ‘Experts In Short Trousers 

Images by Eoin Carey for SMHAFF.


Choreography and Direction:  Emma Jayne Park

Design:  Claire Halleran


Experts In Short Trousers is an original immersive dance theatre work landing in

venues to celebrate the knowledge and skills young primary school children already

have.    Available for performance in any setting, the young audience arrive to a

disaster; the cast, extra costume and set strewn everywhere you can imagine. Having

never ventured to earth before the cast need to be taught how to move, what to wear

and how to build their escape vehicle; using all of this information to build impressive

routines and tell their own unique story.  


Experts in Short Trousers toured as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film

Festival's first year round programme in June 2016 and then throughout October 2016

as part of the main festival.  The work was then restaged and toured as part of

Puppet Animation Festival 2017.

Development began in April 2016 with a Nalleslavski Method

Clowning Workshop, hosted in partnership with Conflux, delivered by the

celebrated Prof. Nalle Laanela.  




Cast 5.

Duration approximately 45 minutes.

Audience Capacity: 35

Please note this is a promenade work.






Photos by Eoin Carey for SMHAFF
Photos by Eoin Carey for SMHAFF

Developed and toured with support from Creative Scotland's Open Project Fund.
Developed and toured with support from Creative Scotland's Open Project Fund.

Photo by
Photo by

2014/15: ‘Thinking In The First Person’ 

Image by Scott Akoz.

"One of the most evocative dance performances I have ever experienced,

performed with precision and seamless physicality."
                                                                           Audience, Edinburgh 2014


Second in our social media trilogy.  A physical, visceral and intense piece of hip hop theatre rooted in bboying and gestural movement.  Exploring identity, this quartet addresses how self value fluctuates when   faced with constantly presenting oneself online and questions the consequences of self editing. 


Initial research and development was undertaken in February/ March 2014 at Sadler's Wells under the mentorship of Jonathan Burrows and Jonzi D as part of Breaking Convention's highly regarded professional development programme Back To The Lab with the work in progress shared in The Lilian Baylis Theatre. 

The work toured to over twenty venues across Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival during Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015, including the first ever dance performance on the island of Barra, in conjunction with Rural Nations Scotland.


Cast 4.

Duration 23 minutes.

Double Bill with Status Anxiety.





Developed and toured with support from Creative Scotland's Quality Production Fund.
Developed and toured with support from Creative Scotland's Quality Production Fund.

Photo by James Wilson
Photo by James Wilson

2012/2013: ‘Status Anxiety’ 

Image by James Wilson.  


Status Anxiety has everything you could possibly want from a dance piece:

humour, technical skill and great engagement in its themes"

                                                                                                  ***** Broadway Baby


Has having the ability to connect with everyone helped us forget how to truly connect with anyone?


Bold hip hop theatre that challenges the way social media has changed our lives.  From the humble bragger to the over sharer this physical, witty and entertaining piece challenges the characters we become when hidden behind a computer screen.


Initially supported by Creative Scotland’s Professional Development Fund for development with mentorship from Christine Devaney and Jonzi D as part of Breakin’ Conventions Open Art Surgery, the concept was further developed with support from Imaginate through their Festival's Expo Fund and presented as work in progress at their 2013 delegate festival.   The first phase of the work featured as part of the Dance Base Fringe Programme 2013,  Breakin’ Rules,  The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2014 and at Dance Live 14 as part of the Insights Festival.  

The work was redeveloped for touring in a double with Thinking In The First person during 2014/2015 and continues to evolve.


Cast 4.

Duration 35 minutes.


Double Bill with Thinking In The First Person..


Photo by Tom
Photo by Tom

2009: ‘Balance’ 

Image by Emma Jayne Park..


"The sense of commitment from these young artists was truly exciting...."                                                

                                                                                                          Norman Douglas

"A dynamic group of dancers with an integrity and understanding

 that belies their years"
                                                 Audience, Glasgow 2009

Balance is inspired by texts and interviews with people living with Bipolar Disorder.  The work and associated education package toured five venues across Scotland in October/ November 2009 supported by the Bipolar Fellowship Scotland and The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival; as the key work in the festivals first ever dance programme. Balance is created with artists combining skills including contemporary dance, theatre practice, bboying and gymnastics to create a truly interdisciplinary dance theatre work.

The non-physical nature of the disorder combined with the variation in symptoms from individual to individual makes Bipolar Disorder a very personal illness..  In most cases recovery simply means learning to live with the disorder, however once people have developed coping mechanisms most lead a completely  satisfying life.  A key stage in recovery is the acceptance and understanding of those around you, as this understanding relieves some of the strain associated with having to explain the recurring highs and lows experienced.  General knowledge of Bipolar Disorder tends to be restricted to adult education and can, as with many mental health issues, have sceptical responses.  Therefore, the production of work which focuses on recovery and understanding can not only be used to publicise acceptance of the disorder, but can promote a more positive response to those who have recently been diagnosed.

Cast 5.

Duration 50 minutes.