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Photo by Emma Jayne Park
Photo by Emma Jayne Park

Commenced July 2014: ‘#TRANS 

Image by Emma Jayne Park.

An exploration of gender roles, gender identity and sexual orientation in modern life questioning

the point at which the comical stereotype becomes a hurtful slur and the ability for a person to

forever be in a state of transformation.   

Created using EJPs unique development process #thesolofilter the work has arrived through a

collaboration between EJP, Jasper Dzuki Jelen, Moos van den Broek and Ukweli Roach,


It has been shared throughout development in short for for The Work Room's Nexus (2015) and

a Federation of Scottish Theatre CRP demonstrate with John Borstel.


It was also performed as part of Dance Live's Adventures In Authorship Programme 2015,

where it was re-authored by Tamsyn Russell.


A short re-authoring of the work is also currently the basis for #thesolofiltershorts.


The work will be performed as part of Mirabilia Festival, Italy as part of the Pills Scotland Focus on July 6th 2016.
Scotland Focus has been supported by Creative Scotland.